HIgh Elven Sword

by Christopher
(Missoula Montana)

I was part of the first group of the first order of the High Elven sword when it came out. I ordered it and then went to Japan for one year. In that year the sword stayed in my home unopened and untouched. I returned to the United States and was looking forward to opening the box and handling the sword I had waited a year to see. I am mainly a Windlass sword owner with a couple of Hanwei mixed in. First time buying a Generation 2. I was amazed with the swords looks and heft. I thought cosmetically a fantastic sword. That is where it ended though. I used the sword for nothing more than to swing around in my back yard getting readying to cut water bottles. Before I even cut my first bottle the sword took a set and a massive one at that. I could not believe that such a thick blade could bend so easily I was dumbfounded to say the least. After straitening the blade with my bare hands (!) I tried to cut a water bottle. The blade took another set in the opposite direction of the first set.

Disappointment to no end. I could not believe what I had in my hands. I have seen wall hangers with more temper than that blade. I was saddened then angered for spending that much money on what became after that day nothing more than a piece of trash that was thrown out with Saturdays garbage. To say the least I do not think I will be purchasing a Gen 2 blade anytime in the near future. There are reasons why Windlass swords is where I put my money.

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