About Chris Zhou

Chris Zhou (Zhou Zheng Wu), was born in Longquan city, Zhejiang Province in April 1968.

He is a descendent of Zhou Wang Ji of Runan, Henan Province.

Chris Zhou is now the curator of the Longquan Zheng Wu Sword Forging Institute and the Longquan Sword Museum (which he founded).

His professional title is "Arts and Crafts Master of Zhejiang Province".

Under his father’s instruction, Chris Zhou started studying the art of forging swords. He has gone on to forge swords for Wu Lan Fu, the former Chinese Vice Chairman, and Xi Zhongxun, the Deputy Prime Minister in 1988. He was awarded the title of Assistant Craftsman of Zhejiang Province in 1996 and in 2001 was awarded the title of Arts and Crafts Master of Zhejiang Province.

In 2002 he founded the Zheng Wu Sword Forging Institute, where he lectures and produces traditional swords and also produced the first patterned sword by traditional foldable and composite forging, which was extremely warmly received at the renowned Bo Dao Qi Chinese swords forum.

He was awarded the ‘Silver Prize’ by the Chinese Arts Association in 2003. The following year he founded the Longquan Sword Museum, which features Longquan swords, and was awarded the Arts and Crafts Fine Work Prize and Excellence Prize for the Zhejiang Province. So far this year he has participated in the Chinese Folk Arts and Crafts Exhibition and was awarded the ‘Prize of the Work of Nature’.

Chris Zhou's forge has recently been involved with the production of a series of very affordable and nicely constructed performance Katana for Musashi Swords, such as the Wind Katana - and it is obvious that the attention to detail that he is so famous is present in this simple looking, yet supremely functional line.

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