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Manufactured in: USA
Steels Used: 5160 Spring Steel
Edge/Sharpness: Most sharpened, some blunted and designated for re-enactment/stage purposes
Price Range: $450 to $750
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Angus Trim swords are hand made by Angus Trim and his staff, using a combination of advanced machine tools combined with hand finishing to produce swords that are well known for outstanding performance. In fact, Gus is somewhat unique in the industry as one of his swords was owned by the late great sword scholar, Ewart Oakeshott.

Using 5160 steel with excellent heat treating, Angus Trim swords are built paying close attention to structural issues such as center of percussion, distal taper, harmonic balance and edge geometry. The only part of the process that he does not personally do is the heat treating/tempering, which is done by aerospace heat-treater Pacific Metallurgical. Gus' swords have excellent shock resistance, edge retention and flexibility, especially for the price.

Typically, Angus Trim swords are not copies of existing historical or museum pieces. Instead, they are billed as "modern interpretations consistent with the design and engineering principles of the finest medieval and renaissance swords". The fact that the hilts, handles and pommels are easily removed makes them a favourite for customization projects. Gus has often worked in the past with fittings/scabbard designer Christian Fletcher to produce swords of astonishing beauty and function.

While warranty info on Gus' (now defunct) site was not very clear, he has stated in the past (on SFI) that he will offer a 3-year warranty on all his swords under intended use. He does make a note that cutting concrete, bricks, steel bars, and other forms of "sword abuse" will disqualify the sword from being repaired or replaced.

Prices can range from the low 400's to over $700. Scabbards are an additional $100 for black leather.



European Swords

Angus has made his reputation on these swords. Highly sought after in the community and backordered almost everywhere they're sold, these designs - including Medieval, late medieval, and some renaissance designs - have set the standard for what a good production sword can be.

He has many different designs, and his bastard swords seem to be the most popular - though he also produces several popular sabre and other single edged/backsword designs. He also has swords labelled "low polar moment" - which means they are very well balanced and feel light and quick. These swords can range anywhere from $400 to over $600 dollars.


Tactical Swords

"For When the Bullets Run Out" is the slogan of these special Angus Trim swords. Made from a single piece of harmonically balanced spring steel with removable grip panels, these swords are designed for any manner of tactical situation, from a special-ops team to clearing brush around your home to the last line of home defence. Gus took his extensive knowledge of sword geometry to design what many are calling the "perfect contemporary sword" line. Including both European and Eastern-inspired designs, these swords are an excellent choice for anyone who plans to put their collection to use, whatever that use may be. Prices are typically between $300 and $400.


Probably the only significant issue with Angus Trim swords is that, as demand for his swords far oustrips supply, he can often get behind in his production. It is not uncommon for a sword to be later than expected.

The only other 'issue' is that, as his swords are designed to be practical cutters, the finish of the blades is somewhat utilitarian and typically exhibits small imperfections, scratches and grind marks. This is only an 'issue' for those expecting perfection though - and more than made up for by the swords overall handling, and legendary cutting abilities.

Fittings of Angus Trim swords may loosen with usage, however they are designed with a screwed in pommel nut that can be easily tightened as the need arises.


Lady Carmen, review by Lancelot Chan (RSW)


AT1592 Fullered Danish Two-Handed Longsword, review by Bill Grandy
AT1433 Type XVIa Warsword, review by Bill Grandy
AT1563 Lady Restita, review by Bill Grandy
DD1404 "Moonbrand", review by Thomas McDonald


Angus Trim Swords are now almost exclusively available via, Christian Fletcher to allow Gus to concentrate more on producing the swords and less on dealing with customer enquiries.

However, there are a few of the older models available at Bargain prices at Lees Armoury and they also surface reasonably frequently on the secondary market in the classifieds of the various sword forums, though they are rarely there for very long...

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