About the Tenchi Ko Katana Review

by Carter Revell
(Weyers cave, Va, U,S,A)

The Tenchi Ko Katana is that short because the ko katanas are mainly used in karate type dojos.

It allows for a faster draw and easier handling by karate students this why this sword is alot shorter than a normal katana.

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About the Tenchi Ko Katana Review

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Jun 22, 2011
Cheness Katana & Ko Kat Review
by: Sir Cutalot

I have the Tenchi Kat & Ko, and SGC Kat & Ko. Let me save you some money. The Tenchi is the best, SGC Kat is heavy and the blade rolls, Tenchi Ko is my truck knife because you can stick it through anyone dumb enough to try and car jack you, the SGC Ko is the best due to blade width and strength. I hunt pigs with my SGC Ko on my back and have literally disassembled a sow with it so I have no doubt it will take out as many zombies as you can hit. I would trust my life to my Tenchi and SGC Ko but realistically the SGC Ko is the most functional. I keep it in my bug out bag and know it will take a zombies head off, legs, arms, hands, whatever is extended goes right off. If anyone wants my B.O.B. they must first take my SGC Ko...blade first! In my occupation, I have stabbed tires flat, cut through a dog, taken out a barricade on a deck, cut right through a billy club, taken an ear off, and things I will not mention. It scares the hell out of people when they see me at 6-6, 245lbs with 9% body fat holding it. I named it Chuck Norris so anyone that owes me money understands when I tell them C.N. is coming to pay them a visit that they better have my clients money...and they do! Buy the Tenchi & SGC Ko and practice, practice, practice. I train in knife fighting, 23 years Jeet Kun Do, and I am smart enough to distance myself with a 21" blade. You better be ready because when the dollar falls, chaos ensues and Zombies will be everywhere looking for their welfare check...or whats in your wallet! Talk to Chuck M.F.ers!

Apr 22, 2010
stepping off the ko katana
by: samurai dog

This may lead us away from the ko katana,
There were 5 of us, we were a PMC team who specialized in search+rescue,(some may not know,
PMC means private military contractor)we always
completed our missions,our motto was " the heart
of the samurai",we all had our specialty, but we
all had to be able to do what the others can do.
The Eagle : was a pilot
The Owl : was intel/stratagist
The Rhino : was heavy weapons
The Goat : mountain climbing, rappeling, rigging
The Dog : stealth, scouting, recon
Our time was, late 70s early 80s Central America. (yes we worked for Ollie)
Only the goat and myself are left.
With a samurai kanji tatoo on my arm I took an
interest in Japan and picked up the sword 7yrs
ago. I love backyard cutting!!


Apr 21, 2010
origin of ko katana
by: Anonymous

Samurai dog has it exactly right, the word karate
means empty hand, weapons of any type were not
used in karate dojos until the late 19th, early
20th century.

Perhaps the better question is,
who or what is samurai dog???

Apr 06, 2010
origin of ko katana
by: samurai dog

The samurai were the only ones allowed to have
swords over a certain length by law, those who
could afford swords(merchants, yakusa, etc.)
would carry the ko katana to stay within the law.
The ko katana was adopted by karate schools
during the 20th century

Dec 05, 2007
a response from the reviewer
by: Grayson C.

Hey Carter, this is Grayson C., the author of that review.

I made no secret in that review that I am not all that into katanas as much as I am european sword (I absolutely love ths single handed arming sword). That said, the typical european sword has a blade FAR longer than any typical katana, even the single handed ones. That means that II find katanas short already and as such, a ko katana, which is in my mind a shoterned version of something that is too short for my tastes, just feels strange in my hands.

That said, I'm not criticising the design, I'm merely commenting on the fact that it is not like anything I am used to.

Thanks for the interest I had a LOT of fun writing that revieiw :)

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